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    • 0.6V threshold voltage thin film transistors with solution processable indium oxide (In2O3) Channel and Anodized High-κ Al2O3 Dielectric 

      Bhalerao,Sagar R.; Lupo,Donald; Zangiabadi,Amirali; Kymissis,Ioannis; Leppäniemi,Jaakko; Alastalo,Ari; Berger,Paul R. (01.07.2019)
      Low-voltage operation and low processing temperature of metal oxide transistors remain a challenge. Commonly metal oxide transistors are fabricated at very high processing temperatures (above 500°C) and their operating ...
    • 1.3 μm InAs quantum dot semiconductor disk laser 

      Blokhin,S. A.; Bobrov,M. A.; Blokhin,A. A.; Kuzmenkov,A. G.; Vasil'Ev,A. P.; Maleev,N. A.; Dudelev,V. V.; Soboleva,K. K.; Sokolovskii,G. S.; Rantamäki,A.; Okhotnikov,O.; Ustinov,V. M. (23.08.2016)
      Vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VECSEL), or semiconductor disk lasers (SDL), are attractive laser source for a wide range of applications owing to unique possibility to combine high output power with an ...
    • 1.4 µm continuous-wave diamond Raman laser 

      Casula,Riccardo; Penttinen,Jussi-Pekka; Kemp,Alan J.; Guina,Mircea; Hastie,Jennifer E. (11.12.2017)
      The longest wavelength (~1.4 µm) emitted by a diamond Raman laser pumped by a semiconductor disk laser (SDL) is reported. The output power of the intracavity-pumped Raman laser reached a maximum of 2.3 W with an optical ...
    • A 1.5-1.9-GHz all-digital tri-phasing transmitter with an integrated multilevel class-D power amplifier achieving 100-MHz RF bandwidth 

      Lemberg,Jerry; Martelius,Mikko; Roverato,Enrico; Antonov,Yury; Nieminen,Tero; Stadius,Kari; Anttila,Lauri; Valkama,Mikko; Kosunen,Marko; Ryynanen,Jussi (01.06.2019)
      We present a prototype RF transmitter with an integrated multilevel class-D power amplifier (PA), implemented in 28-nm CMOS. The transmitter utilizes tri-phasing modulation, which combines three constant-envelope phase-modulated ...
    • 1180 nm GaInNAs quantum well based high power DBR laser diodes 

      Viheriälä,Jukka; Aho,Antti; Virtanen,Heikki; Koskinen,Mervi; Dumitrescu,Mihail; Guina,Mircea; Zediker,Mark S. (SPIE, 24.02.2017)
      We report state-of-the-art results for 1180nm (narrow linewidth) laser diodes based on GaInNAs quantum wells and show results for ridge waveguide DBR laser diode including its reliability tests. Manuscript demonstrates 500 ...
    • A 122Mb/s Turbo decoder using a mid-range GPU 

      Xianjun,Jiao; Canfeng,Chen; Jääskeläinen,Pekka; Guzma,Vladimir; Berg,Heikki
      International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, 2013)
      Parallel implementations of Turbo decoding has been studied extensively. Traditionally, the number of parallel sub-decoders is limited to maintain acceptable code block error rate performance loss caused by the edge effect ...
    • 13.5 A 0.35-to-2.6GHz multilevel outphasing transmitter with a digital interpolating phase modulator enabling up to 400MHz instantaneous bandwidth 

      Kosunen,Marko; Lemberg,Jerry; Martelius,Mikko; Roverato,Enrico; Nieminen,Tero; Englund,Mikko; Stadius,Kari; Anttila,Lauri; Pallonen,Jorma; Valkama,Mikko; Ryynänen,Jussi (IEEE, 02.03.2017)
      Advanced wireless radio standards set stringent requirements on the bandwidth, frequency range and reconfigurability of base-station transmitters. Recently, the outphasing concept has shown promise of wide bandwidth while ...
    • 1700 nm dispersion managed mode-locked bismuth fiber laser 

      Noronen,Teppo; Firstov,Sergei; Dianov,Evgeny; Okhotnikov,Oleg G. (21.04.2016)
      We demonstrate the first 1.7 μm bismuth-doped fiber laser generating ultrashort pulses via passive mode-locking. Pulse operation has been achieved for both anomalous and normal dispersion of the laser cavity owing to ...
    • 1917 : en reseguide till ett sargat men okuvat Finland 

      Niemi,Marjaana; Villstrand,Nils Erik; Karonen,Petri (SVENSKA LITTERATURSÄLLSKAPET I FINLAND, 2017)
    • 1D Convolutional Neural Networks and Applications - A Survey 

      Kiranyaz,Serkan; Avci,Onur; Abdeljaber,Osama; Ince,Turker; Gabbouj,Moncef; Inman,Daniel J. (04 / 2021)
      During the last decade, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have become the de facto standard for various Computer Vision and Machine Learning operations. CNNs are feed-forward Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) with ...
    • A 2-5.5 GHz Beamsteering Receiver IC with 4-Element Vivaldi Antenna Array 

      Zahra,Mahwish; Kempi,Ilia; Haarla,Jaakko; Antonov,Yury; Khonsari,Zahra; Miilunpalo,Toni; Ahmed,Nouman; Inkinen,Juha; Unnikrishnan,Vishnu; Lehtovuori,Anu; Viikari,Ville; Anttila,Lauri; Valkama,Mikko; Kosunen,Marko; Stadius,Kari; Ryynänen,Jussi (01.09.2020)
      In this article, we present a four-element Vivaldi antenna array and beamsteering receiver IC for the fifth-generation mobile network (5G) new radio (NR). The implemented receiver utilizes a delay-based local-oscillator ...
    • 2-D Predictive Filters for Polynomial Signals With Applications to Wind Profiler Data 

      Laakom,Firas (URSI, 10 / 2019)
      Polynomial predictors are known for their ability, in the absence of noise, to exactly predict a future value of a polynomial signal of a fixed order. One-dimensional filtering is a mature field and sophisticated filter design ...
    • The 2020 report of The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change : responding to converging crises 

      Watts,Nick; Amann,Markus; Arnell,Nigel; Ayeb-Karlsson,Sonja; Beagley,Jessica; Belesova,Kristine; Boykoff,Maxwell; Byass,Peter; Cai,Wenjia; Campbell-Lendrum,Diarmid; Capstick,Stuart; Chambers,Jonathan; Coleman,Samantha; Dalin,Carole; Daly,Meaghan; Dasandi,Niheer; Dasgupta,Shouro; Davies,Michael; Di Napoli,Claudia; Dominguez-Salas,Paula; Drummond,Paul; Dubrow,Robert; Ebi,Kristie L; Eckelman,Matthew; Ekins,Paul; Escobar,Luis E; Georgeson,Lucien; Golder,Su; Grace,Delia; Graham,Hilary; Haggar,Paul; Hamilton,Ian; Hartinger,Stella; Hess,Jeremy; Hsu,Shih-Che; Hughes,Nick; Jankin Mikhaylov,Slava; Jimenez,Marcia P; Kelman,Ilan; Kennard,Harry; Kiesewetter,Gregor; Kinney,Patrick L; Kjellstrom,Tord; Kniveton,Dominic; Lampard,Pete; Lemke,Bruno; Liu,Yang; Liu,Zhao; Lott,Melissa; Lowe,Rachel; Martinez-Urtaza,Jaime; Maslin,Mark; McAllister,Lucy; McGushin,Alice; McMichael,Celia; Milner,James; Moradi-Lakeh,Maziar; Morrissey,Karyn; Munzert,Simon; Murray,Kris; Neville,Tara; Nilsson,Maria; Odhiambo Sewe,Maquins; Oreszczyn,Tadj; Otto,Matthias; Owfi,Fereidoon; Pearman,Olivia; Pencheon,David; Quinn,Ruth; Rabbaniha,Mahnaz; Robinson,Elizabeth; Rocklöv,Joacim; Romanello,Marina; Semenza,Jan; Sherman,Jodi; Shi,Liuhua; Springmann,Marco; Tabatabaei,Meisam; Taylor,Jonathon; Triñanes,Joaquin; Shumake-Guillemot,Joy; Vu,Bryan; Wilkinson,Paul; Winning,Matthew; Gong,Peng; Montgomery,Hugh; Costello,Anthony (09.01.2021)
    • 20th Inverse Days 2014, Tampere 9th-11th December 2014 : Abstracts 

      Åkerblom,Markku; Tampere University; Department of Mathematics; Research group: MAT Inverse Problems (Tampere University of Technology, Department of Mathematics, 2014)
      Proceedings of the Inverse Days 2014 conference organized in Tampere 9th - 11th December 2014. This document contains the schedule of the conference, the list of participants and the abstracts of the talks given at the conference.
    • A 3 DOF piezohydraulic parallel micromanipulator 

      Kallio,P.; Lind,M.; Zhou,Q.; Koivo,H.N. (1998)
      The paper presents a new parallel micromanipulator that is composed of three piezohydraulic actuation systems. The basic elements of the actuation system are a piezoelectric actuator, a bellows and hydraulic oil. The use ...
    • 3-Year Follow-Up of Radiation-Associated Changes in Diastolic Function by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography 

      Tuohinen,Suvi Sirkku; Skyttä,Tanja; Huhtala,Heini; Poutanen,Tuija; Virtanen,Vesa; Kellokumpu-Lehtinen,Pirkko Liisa; Raatikainen,Pekka (06 / 2021)
      Background: Radiation therapy (RT) results in myocardial changes consisting of diffuse fibrosis, which may result in changes in diastolic function. Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore RT-associated changes in ...
    • A 30-dBm class-d power amplifier with On/Off logic for an integrated tri-phasing transmitter in 28-nm CMOS 

      Martelius,Mikko; Stadius,Kari; Lemberg,Jerry; Roverato,Enrico; Nieminen,Tero; Antonov,Yury; Anttila,Lauri; Valkama,Mikko; Kosunen,Marko; Ryynanen,Jussi (IEEE, 07.08.2018)
      This paper presents an eight-unit class-D power amplifier (PA), implemented in 28-nm CMOS. The PA is designed to utilize tri-phasing modulation, which combines coarse-amplitude polar modulation with fine-resolution outphasing ...
    • A 30-GHz Switched-Capacitor Power Amplifier for 5G SoCs 

      Saleem,Ali Raza; Stadius,Kari; Kosunen,Marko; Anttila,Lauri; Valkama,Mikko; Ryynänen,Jussi (IEEE, 01.11.2020)
      Switched-capacitor power amplifier has gained popularity within the radio frequency integrated circuit community, since it is CMOS compatible offering high integration density and good performance particularly in terms of ...
    • 31% European InGaP/GaAs/InGaNAs Solar Cells For Space Application 

      Campesato,Roberta; Tukiainen,Antti; Aho,Arto; Gori,Gabriele; Isoaho,Riku; Greco,Erminio; Guina,Mircea (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      We report a triple junction InGaP/GaAs/InGaNAs solar cell with efficiency of ~31% at AM0, 25 °C fabricated using a combined molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and metal-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) processes. The ...
    • 33 W continuous output power semiconductor disk laser emitting at 1275 nm 

      Leinonen,Tomi; Iakovlev,Vladimir; Sirbu,Alexei; Kapon,Eli; Guina,Mircea (20.03.2017)
      We demonstrate a semiconductor disk laser emitting at 1275nm, employing a wafer fused AlInGaAs/InP-AlAs/GaAs gain mirror. A built-in Au-reflector was used to reflect the pump light not absorbed in a single pass through the ...