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  • Packaged Enterprise System Customization : A Systematic Literature Review 

    Singh,Chandan; Pekkola,Samuli (Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 01 / 2021)
    A packaged enterprise system (PES) is an Enterprise System (ES) software package that is built with certain assumptions about the business processes. It is offered to the business with an implemented and predefined set of ...
  • Short-term Optimization of the Operation of the CHP District Heating Plant with Heat Accumulator 

    Turunen,Joel; Majanne,Yrjö; Vilkko,Matti; Findeisen,Rolf; Hirche,Sandra; Janschek,Klaus; Mönnigmann,Martin (Elsevier, 2020)
    In this work, the operating cost of the CHP production is reduced by creating optimization model to schedule the operation of the heat storage. The objective function of the model targets to minimize heat production costs ...
  • Data-Driven Distributed Algorithms for Estimating Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Interconnected Dynamical Systems 

    Gusrialdi,Azwirman; Qu,Zhihua; Findeisen,Rolf; Hirche,Sandra; Janschek,Klaus; Mönnigmann,Martin (Elsevier, 2020)
    The paper presents data-driven algorithms to estimate in a distributed manner the eigenvalues, right and left eigenvectors of an unknown linear (or linearized) interconnected dynamic system. In particular, the proposed ...
  • Involving diaspora communities through action research : A collaborative museum exhibition on the African presence in Finland 

    Rastas,Anna; Garrido,Felipe Espinoza; Koegler,Caroline; Nyangulu,Deborah; Stein,Mark
    Routledge Studies on African and Black Diaspora (Routledge, 2019)
  • On the Performance of Multi-Gateway LoRaWAN Deployments : An Experimental Study 

    Mikhaylov,Konstantin; Stusek,Martin; Masek,Pavel; Fujdiak,Radek; Mozny,Radek; Andreev,Sergey; Hosek,Jiri (IEEE, 01.05.2020)
    A remarkable progress in the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies over the recent years opens new opportunities for developing versatile massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications. In this paper, we focus ...

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