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  • Computer Assisted Image Labeling for Object Detection Using Deep Learning 

    Adhikari, Bishwo Prakash
    Tampere University Dissertations - Tampereen yliopiston väitöskirjat : 608 (Tampere University, 2022)
    Deep learning-based object detectors have shown outstanding performance with state-of-the-art results on public benchmarks. However, they typically consist of millions of parameters and require a large number of training ...
  • Effect of prior austenite grain size on the abrasive wear resistance of ultra-high strength martensitic steels 

    Haiko, Oskari; Javaheri, Vahid; Valtonen, Kati; Kaijalainen, Antti; Hannula, Jaakko; Kömi, Jukka (15.08.2020)
    Prior austenite grain size has a marked effect on the hardenability, strength, and impact toughness properties of steels. This study was conducted in order to understand the effect of prior austenite grain size and morphology ...
  • Filtered Multicarrier Transmission 

    Yli-Kaakinen, Juha; Renfors, Markku; Kofidis, Eleftherios (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 16.05.2020)
    Orthogonal frequency‐division multiplexing (OFDM) has been adopted as the waveform of choice in the existing and emerging broadband wireless communication systems for a number of advantages it can offer. Nevertheless, ...
  • The Cardiovascular-Mortality-Based Estimate for Normal Range of the Ankle–Brachial Index (ABI) 

    Peltonen, Essi; Laivuori, Mirjami; Vakhitov, Damir; Korhonen, Päivi; Venermo, Maarit; Hakovirta, Harri (2022)
    Background: The ankle–brachial index (ABI) is a first-line examination in cardiovascular risk evaluation. Since cut-off values for normal ABI vary, the aim of the present study was to identify the cardiovascular-mortality-based ...
  • DiHECO – Digital healthcare ecosystem research and networking 

    Värri, Alpo Olavi; Nieminen, Hannu; Helander, Nina; Gils, Mark Van (09.05.2022)

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