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  • Separation of the Electromyographic from the Electrocardiographic Signals and Vice Versa : A Topical Review of the Dynamic Procedure 

    Christov,Ivaylo; Gotchev,Atanas; Bortolan,Giovanni; Neycheva,Tatyana; Raikova,Rositsa; Schmid,Ramun (2020)
    Electrocardiographic (ECG) and electromyographic (EMG) signals are inevitably and simultaneously recorded from the same electrodes and are respectively useful signal and noise in electrocardiography, and vice versa in ...
  • Concerning variation in encoding spatial motion: Evidence from Finnish 

    Tuuri,Emilia (11.10.2021)
    This article describes variation in the use of frames of reference (FoRs; object-centred, viewpoint-centred, and geocentric, as in HOLISTIC SPATIAL SEMANTICS) in Finnish descriptions of motion and connects questions of ...
  • Kuuleeko strateginen johto? : Katsaus yliopistojen työhyvinvointikyselyjen tuloksiin 

    Kuusela,Hanna (2020)
  • Singing in interaction 

    Stevanovic,Melisa; Frick,Maria (2014)
    Drawing on a database of 26 hours of video-recorded Finnish conversations from three different settings – everyday conversations among family and friends, instrumental lessons and church workplace meetings – we consider ...
  • Evoking Physiological Synchrony and Empathy Using Social VR with Biofeedback 

    Salminen,Mikko; Järvelä,Simo; Ruonala,Antti; Harjunen,Ville J.; Jacucci,Giulio; Hamari,Juho; Ravaja,Niklas (09.12.2019)
    With the advent of consumer grade virtual reality (VR) headsets and physiological measurement devices, new possibilities for mediated social interaction emerge enabling the immersion to environments where the visual features ...

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