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  • Lead-free cesium titanium bromide double perovskite nanocrystals 

    Grandhi,G. Krishnamurthy; Matuhina,Anastasia; Liu,Maning; Annurakshita,Shambhavee; Ali-Löytty,Harri; Bautista,Godofredo; Vivo,Paola (06 / 2021)
    Double perovskites are a promising family of lead-free materials that not only replace lead but also enable new optoelectronic applications beyond photovoltaics. Recently, a titanium (Ti)-based vacancy-ordered double ...
  • ‘Gold’, ‘Ribbon’ or ‘Puzzle’ : What motivates researchers to work in Research and Technology Organizations 

    Suominen,Arho; Kauppinen,Henni; Hyytinen,Kirsi (09 / 2021)
    This paper employs the motivational trichotomy of financial rewards, reputational rewards, and intrinsic satisfaction (gold, ribbon, and puzzle) to analyze the role of motivation in the context of research and technology ...
  • Interference system for high pressure environment 

    Kumpulainen,Tero; Singh,Amandeep; März,Thomas; Dong,Litong; Reuna,Jarno; Vihinen,Jorma; Li,Dayou; Levänen,Erkki (10 / 2021)
    Laser interference patterning or lithography has been used in variety of the applications using, patterning, masking and processing structures at top of material. It offers fast processing over as large areas can be processed ...
  • Highly uniform GaSb quantum dots with indirect-direct bandgap crossover at telecom range 

    Chellu,Abhiroop; Hilska,Joonas; Penttinen,Jussi-Pekka; Hakkarainen,Teemu (05 / 2021)
    We demonstrate a new quantum-confined semiconductor material based on GaSb quantum dots (QDs) embedded in a single-crystalline AlGaSb matrix by filling droplet-etched nanoholes. The droplet-mediated growth mechanism allows ...
  • Examining Serendipitous Encounters and Self-Determination in Twitter-Enabled Innovation 

    Pirkkalainen,Henri; Olshannikova,Ekaterina; Olsson,Thomas; Huhtamäki,Jukka (2021)
    Serendipity refers to unexpected encounters with ideas or insights and their intentional application to achieve favorable outcomes. Despite extensive prior studies, the concept lacks theoretical logic and empirical validation ...

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