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    • A moment of presence - Narratives of real and imagined 

      Rimniceanu, Diana (2018)
      An outcome of my personal struggles, inquiries and great excitement, this study attempts to answer a question that although it is surprisingly simple I have yet to find a simple answer and thus I find it important to not ...
    • A multi-generational community 

      Galand, Emilien (2017)
      This master thesis work consists of the study and the design of a potential multi-generational district in the city of Tampere, Finland. In fact, it focuses on the advantages and the importance of living in a mixed generation ...
    • Alternative Housing: A Litmus Test and a Tool for Social Sustainability 

      Bunak, Darina (2018)
      Social sustainability has a number of features that complicate its direct study. It is simultaneously a state and a process, something hard to define but important to support. This research suggests a mediate approach. It ...
    • Architecture of a Muted Intensity 

      Szczerepa, Michael (2019)
      Today, we as architects have a growing challenge where we must redefine architectural meaning in our heterogeneous, diverse, unrelated, yet ever-connected global society. Architecture of a muted intensity is a response ...
    • Do it ourselves: Digital platform for self-organisation in urban planning - research through design 

      Mitish, Herman (2018)
      In the beginning of new century, on the wave of ICT pervasion collaborative urban design was expected to boost, but digitalization of established practices was far to be a cure-all solution. Many successful planning systems ...
    • Illuminating Ambiguity: From Jacques Tati to Architectural Design 

      Tsukui, Hiroyuki (2019)
      Owing to Martin Heidegger’s accounts of our everyday experiences—whereas we fluidly encounter entities in a number of hitch-free activities—our primary way of understanding hardly becomes an issue for us. Here, we always ...
    • Innovative Learning Environment : Campus development for a Primary & Secondary School in Pune, India 

      Agrawal, Ramkrishna (2019)
      This thesis explores the solutions for effective learning through Learning Environment Design. This thesis has been done as a part of the Research Project In-Learn – (Innovative Learning Infrastructure and ecosystem) ...
    • Light and Architecture 

      Svedas, Povilas (2017)
      This paper is a response to what I consider to be a miscommunication of architecture. A practice that has the subject constrained to a predetermined design language or has it misguided by an obscure idea. In short, this ...
    • Multi-functionality building - Sammontalo 

      Le, Hoai (2019)
      In comprehensive-school stage of life, pupils need to be prepared, basically, knowledge and social integration for life later on. Pedagogy of imparting knowledge have long history of reforming, nowadays, study program have ...
    • Programming Architecture: an integrated algorithm design for a wooden building 

      Fassotte, Romain (2018)
      In this thesis work I will argue for programming in the field of architecture. Through the realization of a wooden building – for the Vaasa’s Wooden Tower of Innovation competition – I am going to explore and demonstrate ...
    • Right to the Water: Redevelopment of Galernaya Harbor in Saint Petersburg 

      Volskii, Kirill (2019)
      The constant growth of our cities is a complex process which calls numerous challenges to urban planners, architects, city officials, businesses, local communities, and even ordinary people. One of these tasks is the future ...
    • Seaside Residence for Katajanokka 

      Ishimova, Ekaterina (2017)
      This work represents my intention to think through the residential design agenda and focus on contemporary seaside residence. The project proposes a place- and time-specific design of a new housing area with a response to ...
    • Shapes of Tursiannotko History 

      Viliod Martins, Sarah (2018)
      Archaeological excavations in Tursiannotko region - located in Pikkalankylä, Pirkkala - show evidence that there were people living in that area since the late Iron Age. The findings give us some information on how people ...