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    • Out-of-Hospital Deliveries in Finland: A Nationwide register study 

      Ovaskainen, Katja
      Tampere University Dissertations - Tampereen yliopiston väitöskirjat : 424 (Tampere University, 2021)
      Taustaa: Sairaalan ulkopuolisten synnytysten määrä on lisääntynyt, vaikka suurin osa vauvoista syntyy edelleen sairaalassa. Sairaalan ulkopuoliset synnytykset voidaan jakaa suunnittelemattomiin ja suunniteltuihin synnytyksiin. ...
    • Player Experiences in Location-based Games : Memorable Moments with Pokemon Go 

      Koskinen,Elina; Leorke,Dale; Alha,Kati; Paavilainen,Janne; Geroimenko,Vladimir (Springer, 2019)
    • Spine surgeon perceptions of the challenges and benefits of telemedicine : an international study 

      Riew,Grant J.; Lovecchio,Francis; Samartzis,Dino; Bernstein,David N.; Underwood,Ellen Y.; Louie,Philip K.; Germscheid,Niccole; An,Howard S.; Cheung,Jason Pui Yin; Chutkan,Norman; Mallow,Gary Michael; Neva,Marko H.; Phillips,Frank M.; Sciubba,Daniel M.; El-Sharkawi,Mohammad; Valacco,Marcelo; McCarthy,Michael H.; Iyer,Sravisht; Makhni,Melvin C. (16.01.2021)
      Introduction: While telemedicine usage has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there remains little consensus about how spine surgeons perceive virtual care. The purpose of this study was to explore international ...
    • Policy and vision for community pharmacies in Finland : A roadmap towards enhanced integration and reduced costs 

      Airaksinen,Marja; Toivo,Terhi; Jokinen,Lenita; Savela,Eeva; Parkkamäki,Stina; Sandler,Charlotta; Kalliomäki,Hanna; Dimitrow,Maarit (2021)
      Finland’s community pharmacy system provides an example of a privately-owned regulated system being proactively developed by the profession and its stakeholders. Community pharmacists have a legal duty to promote safe and ...
    • Subjective cognitive complaints and permanent work disability : a prospective cohort study 

      Pihlajamäki,Minna; Arola,Heikki; Ahveninen,Heini; Ollikainen,Jyrki; Korhonen,Mikko; Nummi,Tapio; Uitti,Jukka; Taimela,Simo (19.01.2021)
      Purpose: Work disability (WD) is a medico-legal concept that refers to disability benefits (DB) granted due to diseases. We assessed whether subjective cognitive complaints (SCC)—presenting as self-rated difficulties of ...
    • Reduced evoked activity and cortical oscillations are correlated with anisometric amblyopia and impairment of visual acuity 

      Julku,Hanna; Rouhinen,Santeri; Huttunen,Henri J.; Lindberg,Laura; Liinamaa,Johanna; Saarela,Ville; Karvonen,Elina; Booms,Sigrid; Mäkelä,Jyrki P.; Uusitalo,Hannu; Castrén,Eero; Palva,J. Matias; Palva,Satu (04 / 2021)
      Amblyopia is a developmental disorder associated with abnormal visual experience during early childhood commonly arising from strabismus and/or anisometropia and leading to dysfunctions in visual cortex and to various ...
    • Long-term hospital admissions and surgical treatment of children with congenital abdominal wall defects : a population-based study 

      Raitio,Arimatias; Syvänen,Johanna; Tauriainen,Asta; Hyvärinen,Anna; Sankilampi,Ulla; Gissler,Mika; Helenius,Ilkka (03 / 2021)
      Congenital abdominal wall defects, namely, gastroschisis and omphalocele, are rare congenital malformations with significant morbidity. The long-term burden of these anomalies to families and health care providers has not ...
    • STRN-ALK rearranged pediatric malignant peritoneal mesothelioma – Functional testing of 527 cancer drugs in patient-derived cancer cells 

      Murumägi,Astrid; Ungureanu,Daniela; Arjama,Mariliina; Bützow,Ralf; Lohi,Jouko; Sariola,Hannu; Kanerva,Jukka; Koskenvuo,Minna; Kallioniemi,Olli (2021)
      Genetic rearrangements involving the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene create oncogenic drivers for several cancers, including malignant peritoneal mesothelioma (MPeM). Here, we report genomic and functional precision ...
    • Clinical practice guidelines in courts’ representation of medical evidence and testimony 

      Taipale,Jaakko; Hautamäki,Lotta (04 / 2021)
      This article examines clinical practice guidelines (CPG) in the courtroom. The guidelines in question are Finnish national current care guidelines for brain injuries, and the case context is traffic insurance compensation ...
    • Interplay between low-carbon energy transitions and national security : An analysis of policy integration and coherence in Estonia, Finland and Scotland 

      Kivimaa,Paula; Sivonen,Marja H. (05 / 2021)
      Sustainable Development Goals aim for a better future, but gains are threatened by conflict and governance failures, exacerbated by climate change. While research on energy security is well-established, conceptual-analytical ...
    • Dampness and student-reported social climate : two multilevel mediation models 

      Finell,Eerika; Tolvanen,Asko; Pekkanen,Juha; Ståhl,Timo; Luopa,Pauliina (2021)
      Background: Little previous research has analysed the relationship between schools’ indoor air problems and schools’ social climate. In this study, we analysed a) whether observed mould and dampness in a school building ...
    • Enterovirus Infections Are Associated With the Development of Celiac Disease in a Birth Cohort Study 

      Oikarinen,Maarit; Puustinen,Leena; Lehtonen,Jussi; Hakola,Leena; Simell,Satu; Toppari,Jorma; Ilonen,Jorma; Veijola,Riitta; Virtanen,Suvi M; Knip,Mikael; Hyöty,Heikki (02 / 2021)
      Enterovirus and adenovirus infections have been linked to the development of celiac disease. We evaluated this association in children who developed biopsy-proven celiac disease (N = 41) during prospective observation ...
    • Spurious electroencephalographic activity due to pulsation artifact in the depth of anesthesia monitor 

      Kamata,Kotoe; Lipping,Tarmo; Yli-Hankala,Arvi; Jäntti,Ville; Yamauchi,Masanori (2021)
      Background: The depth of anesthesia (DOA) is estimated based on the anesthesia-induced electroencephalogram (EEG) changes. However, the surgical environment, as well as the patient him/herself, generates electrical ...
    • Life-course leisure-time physical activity trajectories in relation to health-related behaviors in adulthood : the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns study 

      Lounassalo,Irinja; Hirvensalo,Mirja; Palomäki,Sanna; Salin,Kasper; Tolvanen,Asko; Pahkala,Katja; Rovio,Suvi; Fogelholm,Mikael; Yang,Xiaolin; Hutri-Kähönen,Nina; Raitakari,Olli T.; Tammelin,Tuija H. (12 / 2021)
      Background: Evidence on whether leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) facilitates individuals’ adoption of multiple healthy behaviors remains scarce. This study investigated the associations of diverse longitudinal LTPA ...
    • The changing idea of higher education 

      Holubek,Vesna (2017)
      Questions concerning the purpose and the nature of higher education are often referred to as “the idea of higher education”. The article illustrates that the idea of higher education is contextual and changeable, thus ...
    • A Study of Womanism in Suzan-Lori Parks's The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World 

      Ghasemi,Mehdi (2017)
    • Evaluating cognitive and affective outcomes of a digital game-based math test 

      Kiili,Kristian; Ketamo,Harri (24.03.2017)
      Even though digital learning games have become common in education, relatively little is known about the usefulness of game-based assessment. This paper aims to explore if a game-based math test can provide added value to ...
    • Which is primary: Preference or perceived instoration? 

      Korpela,Kalevi; Ratcliffe,Eleanor (2021)
      There is a lack of consensus on whether preference informs evaluations of urban and natural scenes as psy-chologically restorative or instorative, or whether instorative perceptions inform preference. Perceptions of ...
    • Resting-State Network Plasticity Induced by Music Therapy after Traumatic Brain Injury 

      Martínez-Molina,Noelia; Siponkoski,Sini Tuuli; Kuusela,Linda; Laitinen,Sari; Holma,Milla; Ahlfors,Mirja; Jordan-Kilkki,Päivi; Ala-Kauhaluoma,Katja; Melkas,Susanna; Pekkola,Johanna; Rodríguez-Fornells,Antoni; Laine,Matti; Ylinen,Aarne; Rantanen,Pekka; Koskinen,Sanna; Cowley,Benjamin Ultan; Särkämö,Teppo (2021)
      Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is characterized by a complex pattern of abnormalities in resting-state functional connectivity (rsFC) and network dysfunction, which can potentially be ameliorated by rehabilitation. In our ...
    • Parastomal Hernia : A Retrospective Nationwide Cohort Study Comparing Different Techniques with Long-Term Follow-Up 

      Mäkäräinen-Uhlbäck,Elisa; Vironen,Jaana; Falenius,Ville; Nordström,Pia; Välikoski,Anu; Kössi,Jyrki; Kechagias,Aristotelis; Kalliala,Maija; Mattila,Anne; Rantanen,Tuomo; Scheinin,Tom; Ohtonen,Pasi; Rautio,Tero (2021)
      Background: Parastomal hernia repair is a complex surgical procedure with high recurrence and complication rates. This retrospective nationwide cohort study presents the results of different parastomal hernia repair ...