"114 Physical sciences" - Selaus asiasanan mukaan TUNICRIS-julkaisut

    • 1.4 µm continuous-wave diamond Raman laser 

      Casula, Riccardo; Penttinen, Jussi-Pekka; Kemp, Alan J.; Guina, Mircea; Hastie, Jennifer E. (11.12.2017)
      The longest wavelength (~1.4 µm) emitted by a diamond Raman laser pumped by a semiconductor disk laser (SDL) is reported. The output power of the intracavity-pumped Raman laser reached a maximum of 2.3 W with an optical ...
    • 1180 nm GaInNAs quantum well based high power DBR laser diodes 

      Viheriälä, Jukka; Aho, Antti; Virtanen, Heikki; Koskinen, Mervi; Dumitrescu, Mihail; Guina, Mircea; Zediker, Mark S. (SPIE, 24.02.2017)
      We report state-of-the-art results for 1180nm (narrow linewidth) laser diodes based on GaInNAs quantum wells and show results for ridge waveguide DBR laser diode including its reliability tests. Manuscript demonstrates 500 ...
    • 1337 nm Emission of a Nd3+-Doped TZA Glass Random Laser 

      Dipold, Jessica; Bordon, Camila D. S.; Magalhaes, Evellyn S.; Kassab, Luciana R. P.; Jimenez-Villar, Ernesto; Wetter, Niklaus U. (07 / 2023)
    • 1700 nm dispersion managed mode-locked bismuth fiber laser 

      Noronen, Teppo; Firstov, Sergei; Dianov, Evgeny; Okhotnikov, Oleg G. (21.04.2016)
      We demonstrate the first 1.7 μm bismuth-doped fiber laser generating ultrashort pulses via passive mode-locking. Pulse operation has been achieved for both anomalous and normal dispersion of the laser cavity owing to ...
    • 31% European InGaP/GaAs/InGaNAs Solar Cells For Space Application 

      Campesato, Roberta; Tukiainen, Antti; Aho, Arto; Gori, Gabriele; Isoaho, Riku; Greco, Erminio; Guina, Mircea (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      We report a triple junction InGaP/GaAs/InGaNAs solar cell with efficiency of ~31% at AM0, 25 °C fabricated using a combined molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and metal-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) processes. The ...
    • 33 W continuous output power semiconductor disk laser emitting at 1275 nm 

      Leinonen, Tomi; Iakovlev, Vladimir; Sirbu, Alexei; Kapon, Eli; Guina, Mircea (20.03.2017)
      We demonstrate a semiconductor disk laser emitting at 1275nm, employing a wafer fused AlInGaAs/InP-AlAs/GaAs gain mirror. A built-in Au-reflector was used to reflect the pump light not absorbed in a single pass through the ...
    • Achieving a slippery, liquid-infused porous surface with anti-icing properties by direct deposition of flame synthesized aerosol nanoparticles on a thermally fragile substrate 

      Juuti, Paxton; Haapanen, Janne; Stenroos, Christian; Niemelä-Anttonen, Henna; Harra, Juha; Koivuluoto, Heli; Teisala, Hannu; Lahti, Johanna; Tuominen, Mikko; Kuusipalo, Jurkka; Vuoristo, Petri; Mäkelä, Jyrki M. (2017)
      Slippery, liquid-infused porous surfaces offer a promising route for producing omniphobic and anti-icing surfaces. Typically, these surfaces are made as a coating with expensive and time consuming assembly methods or with ...
    • Active control of dielectric singularities in indium-tin-oxides hyperbolic metamaterials 

      Pianelli, Alessandro; Caligiuri, Vincenzo; Dudek, Michał; Kowerdziej, Rafał; Chodorow, Urszula; Sielezin, Karol; De Luca, Antonio; Caputo, Roberto; Parka, Janusz (2022)
      Dielectric singularities (DSs) constitute one of the most exotic features occurring in the effective permittivity of artificial multilayers called hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs). Associated to DSs, a rich phenomenology ...
    • Active tapered double-clad fiber with low birefringence 

      Fedotov, Andrei; Ustimchik, Vasilii; Rissanen, Joona; Kolosovskii, Alexander; Voloshin, Victor; Vorob’ev, Igor; Gumenyuk, Regina; Chamorovskiy, Yuri; Filippov, Valery (24.05.2021)
      We addressed the problem of a state of polarization (SOP) drift caused by heating under intense clad pumping in different types of active tapered double-clad fibers. We investigated experimentally the variations of the SOP ...
    • Added Value of Vaisala AQT530 Sensors as a Part of a Sensor Network for Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring 

      Petäjä, Tuukka; Ovaska, Aino; Fung, Pak Lun; Poutanen, Pyry; Yli-Ojanperä, Jaakko; Suikkola, Jari; Laakso, Mikko; Mäkelä, Taneli; Niemi, Jarkko V.; Keskinen, Jorma; Järvinen, Anssi; Kuula, Joel; Kurppa, Mona; Hussein, Tareq; Tarkoma, Sasu; Kulmala, Markku; Karppinen, Ari; Manninen, Hanna E.; Timonen, Hilkka (2021)
      Poor air quality influences the quality of life in the urban environment. The regulatory observation stations provide the backbone for the city administration to monitor urban air quality. Recently a suite of cost-effective ...
    • Addition of Ag2O in Er3+doped oxyfluorophosphate glass to allow the drawing of optical fibers 

      Shestopalova, I.; Korri, J.; Lemiere, A.; Närhi, M.; Gumenyuk, R.; Boussard-Plédel, C.; Troles, J.; Petit, L. (15.12.2023)
      Here, Ag2O containing glasses in the NaPO3–CaF2 glass network were prepared using standard melting process. The addition of Ag2O was found to increase the thermal stability of the glass due to the decrease in the Q2 units ...
    • Advanced grid concept with external busbars applied on III‒V multijunction solar cells 

      Raappana, Marianna; Kajas, Ninja; Aho, Arto; Polojärvi, Ville; Aho, Timo; Isoaho, Riku; Tukiainen, Antti; Guina, Mircea
      Conference record of the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (IEEE, 05.01.2021)
      We report on the development of an advanced front contact grid design applied on GaInP/GaAs/GaInNAsSb solar cells. Unlike in a conventional grid pattern, the busbars are placed outside the active area of the solar cell. ...
    • Advanced multimodal laser imaging tool for urothelial carcinoma diagnosis (AMPLITUDE) 

      Kurilchik, Sergey; Gacci, Mauro; Cicchi, Riccardo; Pavone, Francesco S; Morselli, Simone; Serni, Sergio; Chou, MH; Närhi, Mikko; Rafailov, Edik; Stewart, Neil; Lennon, Cordelia; Gumenyuk, Regina (01.03.2020)
    • Advancing frequency locking : Modified FPGA-Guided direct modulation spectroscopy for laser stabilization 

      Majumder, Prosenjit; Yadav, Hemant; Tirupathi, Rakesh; Kamalkant; Jain, Shruti; Yadav, Poonam; Ghosh, Arnab; Deo, Apoorav Singh; Singh, Deepshikha (24.10.2023)
      In this paper, we propose a cost-effective laser frequency locking scheme based on frequency modulation spectroscopy (FMS) for precision measurements and experiments in various fields. We demonstrate that by digitally ...
    • Aerosol gas exchange system (AGES) for nanoparticle sampling at elevated temperatures : Modeling and experimental characterization 

      Bainschab, Markus; Martikainen, Sampsa; Keskinen, Jorma; Bergmann, Alexander; Karjalainen, Panu (20.11.2019)
      An aerosol gas exchange system (AGES) for nanoparticle sampling at elevated temperatures was developed, modeled, and further characterized with laboratory tests with respect to gas exchange efficiency and particle losses. ...
    • Airport emission particles : Exposure characterization and toxicity following intratracheal instillation in mice 

      Bendtsen, Katja Maria; Brostrøm, Anders; Koivisto, Antti Joonas; Koponen, Ismo; Berthing, Trine; Bertram, Nicolas; Kling, Kirsten Inga; Dal Maso, Miikka; Kangasniemi, Oskari; Poikkimäki, Mikko; Loeschner, Katrin; Clausen, Per Axel; Wolff, Henrik; Jensen, Keld Alstrup; Saber, Anne Thoustrup; Vogel, Ulla (11.06.2019)
      Background: Little is known about the exposure levels and adverse health effects of occupational exposure to airplane emissions. Diesel exhaust particles are classified as carcinogenic to humans and jet engines produce ...
    • Airy gas model : From three to reduced dimensions 

      Bencheikh, K.; Putaja, A.; Räsänen, E. (05 / 2021)
      By using the propagatorof linear potential as a main tool,we extend theAiry gas (AG) model, originally developed for the three-dimensional (d = 3) edge electron gas, to systems in reduced dimensions (d = 2, 1). First, we ...
    • An aldehyde as a rapid source of secondary aerosol precursors: theoretical and experimental study of hexanal autoxidation 

      Barua, Shawon; Iyer, Siddharth; Kumar, Avinash; Seal, Prasenjit; Rissanen, Matti (25.09.2023)
      Aldehydes are common constituents of natural and polluted atmospheres, and their gas-phase oxidation has recently been reported to yield highly oxygenated organic molecules (HOMs) that are key players in the formation of ...
    • Alkali Monitoring of Industrial Process Gas by Surface Ionization─Calibration, Assessment, and Comparison to in Situ Laser Diagnostics 

      Gall, Dan; Viljanen, Jan; Gogolev, Ivan; Allgurén, Thomas; Andersson, Klas (2021)
      In this work, we present rigorous calibration and assessment of a surface ionization detector (SID) for alkali monitoring in industrial process gases and compare it to an in situ laser diagnostic method called collinear ...
    • All-fiber mode-locked laser at 0.98 µm 

      Aleshkina, Svetlana S.; Lipatov, Denis S.; Velmiskin, Vladimir V.; Kochergina, Tatyana A.; Fedotov, Andrei; Gumenyuk, Regina; Kotov, Leonid V.; Temyanko, Valery L.; Bubnov, Mikhail M.; Guryanov, Aleksey N.; Likhachev, Mikhail E.; Dong, Liang (SPIE, 2020)