"Aakko-Saksa, Päivi T." - Selaus tekijän mukaan TUNICRIS-julkaisut

    • Reduction in greenhouse gas and other emissions from ship engines : Current trends and future options 

      Aakko-Saksa, Päivi T.; Lehtoranta, Kati; Kuittinen, Niina; Järvinen, Anssi; Jalkanen, Jukka-Pekka; Johnson, Kent; Jung, Heejung; Ntziachristos, Leonidas; Gagné, Stéphanie; Takahashi, Chiori; Karjalainen, Panu; Rönkkö, Topi; Timonen, Hilkka (01 / 2023)
      The impact of ship emission reductions can be maximised by considering climate, health and environmental effects simultaneously and using solutions fitting into existing marine engines and infrastructure. Several options ...