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    • O,O-Silyl Group Migrations in Quinic Acid Derivatives : An Opportunity for Divergent Synthesis 

      Holmstedt, Suvi; Efimov, Alexander; Candeias, Nuno R. (2021)
      The O,O-silyl group migrations on a quinic acid-derived cyclitol have been studied, and the ease of migration was observed to be dependent on the silicon substituents and reaction conditions. Conditions were found to improve ...
    • O2-requiring molecular reporters of gene expression for anaerobic microorganisms 

      Guglielmetti, Simone; Santala, Ville; Mangayil, Rahul; Ciranna, Alessandro; Karp, Matti T. (2019)
      Many genetic reporter systems require molecular oxygen; therefore, the use of reporter genes to study molecular mechanisms in anaerobic microorganisms has been hampered by the lack of convenient reporting systems. We ...
    • OASIS deck of cards - House of colleagues: A playful 

      Nummenmaa, Timo; Kultima, Annakaisa; Kankainen, Ville; Savolainen, Sampo; Syvänen, Antti; Alha, Kati; Mäyrä, Frans (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2015)
      A research experiment to facilitate playful interaction and community learning within an academic organization of about 170 employees was conducted. A 2-player card game including 61 'staff character cards' and 39 question ...
    • Obesity and the Risk of Cryptogenic Ischemic Stroke in Young Adults 

      the SECRETO Study Group; Jaakonmäki, Nina; Zedde, Marialuisa; Sarkanen, Tomi; Martinez-Majander, Nicolas; Tuohinen, Suvi; Sinisalo, Juha; Ryödi, Essi; Autere, Jaana; Hedman, Marja; Junttola, Ulla; Huhtakangas, Jaana K.; Grimaldi, Teresa; Pascarella, Rosario; Nordanstig, Annika; Bech-Hanssen, Odd; Holbe, Christine; Busch, Raila; Fromm, Annette; Ylikotila, Pauli; Turgut, Esme Ekizoglu; Amorim, Isabel; Ryliskiene, Kristina; Tulkki, Lauri; Pascasio, Laura Amaya; Licenik, Radim; Ferdinand, Phillip; Tsivgoulis, Georgios; Jatužis, Dalius; Kõrv, Liisa; Kõrv, Janika; Pezzini, Alessandro; Fonseca, Ana Catarina; Yesilot, Nilufer; Roine, Risto O.; Waje-Andreassen, Ulrike; von Sarnowski, Bettina; Redfors, Petra; Huhtakangas, Juha; Numminen, Heikki; Jäkälä, Pekka; Putaala, Jukka (05 / 2022)
      Objectives: We examined the association between obesity and early-onset cryptogenic ischemic stroke (CIS) and whether fat distribution or sex altered this association. Materials and Methods: This prospective, multi-center, ...
    • Obesity during childhood is associated with higher cancer mortality rate during adulthood : the i3C Consortium 

      Nuotio, Joel; Laitinen, Tomi T.; Sinaiko, Alan R.; Woo, Jessica G.; Urbina, Elaine M.; Jacobs, David R.; Steinberger, Julia; Prineas, Ronald J.; Sabin, Matthew A.; Burgner, David P.; Minn, Heikki; Burns, Trudy L.; Bazzano, Lydia A.; Venn, Alison J.; Viikari, Jorma S.A.; Hutri-Kähönen, Nina; Daniels, Stephen R.; Raitakari, Olli T.; Magnussen, Costan G.; Juonala, Markus; Dwyer, Terence (2022)
      Background: In high-income countries, cancer is the leading cause of death among middle-aged adults. Prospective data on the effects of childhood risk exposures on subsequent cancer mortality are scarce. Methods: We examined ...
    • Obesity increases the odds of multiple pregnancies : A nationwide register-based cohort study in Finland 

      Vaajala, Matias; Liukkonen, Rasmus; Kuitunen, Ilari; Ponkilainen, Ville; Kekki, Maiju; Mattila, Ville M. (2023)
      Objective: To investigate the effects of increased pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI, calculated as weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters) on the risk of having spontaneous multiple pregnancies ...
    • Object Centric Study of Everyday Nationalism in an Australian preschool 

      Millei, Zsuzsanna; Bollig, Sabine; Alberth, Lars; Schindler, Larissa (Springer, 15.12.2020)
      Materialities of everyday nationalism is more frequently explored today in nationalism studies. Similar attention, however, is missing if we consider young children’s institutional lives. This chapter uses an object centric ...
    • Object Tracking by Reconstruction with View-Specific Discriminative Correlation Filters 

      Kart, Ugur; Lukezic, Alan; Kristan, Matej; Kämäräinen, Joni-Kristian; Matas, Jiri
      IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (IEEE, 06 / 2019)
      Standard RGB-D trackers treat the target as a 2D structure, which makes modelling appearance changes related even to out-of-plane rotation challenging. This limitation is addressed by the proposed long-term RGB-D tracker ...
    • Object-Based Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Rendering of Sound Scenes Captured with Multiple Ambisonic Receivers 

      McCormack, Leo; Politis, Archontis; McKenzie, Thomas; Hold, Christoph; Pulkki, Ville (11.05.2022)
      This article proposes a system for object-based six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) rendering of spatial sound scenes that are captured using a distributed arrangement of multiple Ambisonic receivers. The approach is based on ...
    • Objective Supervised Machine Learning-Based Classification and Inference of Biological Neuronal Networks 

      Barros, Michael Taynnan; Siljak, Harun; Mullen, Peter; Papadias, Constantinos; Hyttinen, Jari; Marchetti, Nicola (23.09.2022)
      The classification of biological neuron types and networks poses challenges to the full understanding of the human brain’s organisation and functioning. In this paper, we develop a novel objective classification model of ...
    • Objectively measured preoperative physical activity and sedentary behaviour among Finnish patients scheduled for elective cardiac procedures : baseline results from randomized controlled trial 

      Vasankari, Sini; Hartikainen, Juha; Vasankari, Ville; Anttila, Vesa; Tokola, Kari; Vähä-Ypyä, Henri; Husu, Pauliina; Sievänen, Harri; Vasankari, Tommi; Halonen, Jari (16.07.2022)
      Background: We investigated preoperative physical activity (PA) and sedentary behaviour (SB) in patients scheduled for elective cardiac procedures and compared them with population-based sample of Finnish adults. Methods: ...
    • Objectives and Challenges of the Utilization of User-Interaction Data in Software Development 

      Suonsyrjä, Sampo; Sievi-Korte, Outi; Systä, Kari; Kilamo, Terhi; Mikkonen, Tommi
      Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (IEEE, 29.08.2018)
      Understanding users, their requirements and usage patterns helps building better software. To continuously improve operations, user-interaction (U-I) data can provide developers with interesting new possibilities. This ...
    • Objectivity in contexts: withholding epistemic judgement as a strategy for mitigating collective bias 

      Koskinen, Inkeri (2021)
      In this paper I discuss and develop the risk account of scientific objectivity, which I have recently introduced, contrasting it to some alternatives. I then use the account in order to analyse a practice that is relatively ...
    • Objectivity, trust and social responsibility 

      Rolin, Kristina (2020)
    • Observation of Coexistence of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States and Spin-Flip Excitations 

      Kezilebieke, Shawulienu; Žitko, Rok; Dvorak, Marc; Ojanen, Teemu; Liljeroth, Peter (10.07.2019)
      We investigate the spectral evolution in different metal phthalocyanine molecules on NbSe2 surface using scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) as a function of the coupling with the substrate. For manganese phthalocyanine ...
    • Observation of the quantum Gouy phase 

      Hiekkamäki, Markus; Barros, Rafael F.; Ornigotti, Marco; Fickler, Robert (12 / 2022)
      Controlling the evolution of photonic quantum states is crucial for most quantum information processing and metrology tasks. Due to its importance, many mechanisms of quantum state evolution have been tested in detail and ...
    • The observational clinical registry (cohort design) of the European Reference Network on Rare Adult Solid Cancers : The protocol for the rare head and neck cancers 

      Trama, Annalisa; Licitra, Lisa; Cavalieri, Stefano; Bonfarnuzzo, Simone; Baili, Paolo; Ciarfella, Antonio; Parente, Pablo; Almadori, Giovanni; Ansarin, Mohssen; Bacigalupo, Almalina; Baumeister, Philipp; Baujat, Bertrand; Bossi, Paolo; Cavalera, Elisa; Cercato, Maria Cecilia; Dieleman, Francois; Fakhry, Nicolas; Ferraresi, Virginia; Gaino, Francesca; Galizia, Danilo; Halamkova, Jana; Halme, Elina; Hardillo, Jose; Hofauer, Benedikt; Kinloch, Emma; Livi, Lorenzo; Locati, Laura Deborah; Mattheis, Stefan; Mercante, Giuseppe; Mirabile, Aurora; Molteni, Gabriele; Orlandi, Ester; Persio, Roberto; Sciallero, Stefania; Smeele, Ludi; Tagliabue, Marta; Valentini, Valentino; Van Harpen, Carla; Westphalen, Christoph Benedikt; Botta, Laura (03 / 2023)
      Care for head and neck cancers is complex in particular for the rare ones. Knowledge is limited and histological heterogeneity adds complexity to the rarity. There is a wide consensus that to support clinical research on ...
    • Observational evidence for aerosols increasing upper tropospheric humidity 

      Riuttanen, Laura; Bister, Marja; Kerminen, Veli-Matti; John, Viju O.; Sundstrom, Anu-Maija; Dal Maso, Miikka; Räisänen, Jouni; Sinclair, Victoria A.; Makkonen, Risto; Xausa, Filippo; de Leeuw, Gerrit; Kulmala, Markku (17.11.2016)
      Aerosol-cloud interactions are the largest source of uncertainty in the radiative forcing of the global climate. A phenomenon not included in the estimates of the total net forcing is the potential increase in upper ...
    • Observations from three years of online pandemic learning response on OpenWHO 

      Utunen, Heini; Appuhamy, Ranil; Attias, Melissa; Ndiaye, Ngouille; George, Richelle; Arabi, Elham; Tokar, Anna (05.09.2023)