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Viitteet 5416-5435 / 15354

    • G2/M checkpoint regulation and apoptosis facilitate the nuclear egress of parvoviral capsids 

      Mattola, Salla; Mäntylä, Elina; Aho, Vesa; Salminen, Sami; Leclerc, Simon; Oittinen, Mikko; Salokas, Kari; Järvensivu, Jani; Hakanen, Satu; Ihalainen, Teemu O; Viiri, Keijo; Vihinen-Ranta, Maija (2022)
    • GaAs surface passivation for InAs/GaAs quantum dot based nanophotonic devices 

      Chellu, Abhiroop; Koivusalo, Eero; Raappana, Marianna; Ranta, Sanna; Polojärvi, Ville; Tukiainen, Antti; Lahtonen, Kimmo; Saari, Jesse; Valden, Mika; Seppänen, Heli; Lipsanen, Harri; Guina, Mircea; Hakkarainen, Teemu (2021)
      Several passivation techniques are developed and compared in terms of their ability to preserve the optical properties of close-to-surface InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QDs). In particular, the influence of N-passivation by ...
    • Gain-Scheduled Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control of an Exothermic Chemical Reactor 

      Pyrhönen, Veli-Pekka; Koivisto, Hannu (IEEE, 2016)
      This paper studies gain-scheduled composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control of a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). Inside the reactor, an exothermic chemical reaction occurs, which is commanded from high to low ...
    • Gain-Scheduling Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for a Set of 2nd Order Linear Parameter-Varying Systems 

      Pyrhönen, Veli-Pekka; Koivisto, Hannu J.; Vilkko, Matti K. (IEEE, 13.06.2018)
      We present in this paper gain-scheduling composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control for a set of second-order linear parameter-varying (LPV) systems that capture commonly used plant models in automatic control. The selected ...
    • Gain-sharing in performance-based contracting : How risk and fairness drive business customers' willingness-to-switch to a gain-sharing arrangement 

      Keränen, Joona; Kienzler, Mario; Salonen, Anna; Terho, Harri; Totzek, Dirk (11 / 2023)
      Gain-sharing arrangements, which involve the seller promising to realize a measurable economic performance gain that is shared between the seller and customer, are used in the context of performance-based contracting. Prior ...
    • Galileo E1 and E5a Link-level Performance for Dual Frequency Overlay Structure 

      Zhang, Jie; Lohan, Elena Simona (2012)
      The emerging European global satellite system Galileo has gained much public interest regarding location and position services. Two Galileo Open Service signals, namely E1 and E5, will provide the frequency diversity. The ...
    • Gamblification : A definition 

      Macey, Joseph; Hamari, Juho (2022)
      In recent years, gambling has become increasingly prominent in everyday life; the term ‘gamblification’ first emerged in the late 2000s and was used to describe the colonisation of sports and sporting cultures by the ...
    • Gambling and gaming during COVID-19 : The role of mental health and social motives in gambling and gaming problems 

      Savolainen, Iina; Vuorinen, Ilkka; Sirola, Anu; Oksanen, Atte (08 / 2022)
      Background: The uncertain and stressful global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to cause anxiety and impact people's mental health. Simultaneously, social distancing policies have isolated people ...
    • Gambling and online trading : emerging risks of real-time stock and cryptocurrency trading platforms 

      Oksanen, Atte; Mantere, Eerik; Vuorinen, Ilkka; Savolainen, Iina (04 / 2022)
      Objectives: Online platforms enable real-time trading activities that are similar to those of gambling. This study aimed to investigate the associations of traditional investing, real-time stock trading, and cryptocurrency ...
    • Gambling in digital games and esports : a scoping review 

      Mattinen, Topias; Macey, Joseph; Hamari, Juho
      Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2023)
      The convergence of gaming and gambling has become increasingly prominent in recent years, most notably in the context of esports. Consequently, there has been a recent surge of literature investigating this phenomenon. ...
    • Gambling Motives and Offshore Gambling : A Finnish Population Study 

      Hagfors, Heli; Oksanen, Atte; Salonen, Anne H. (2023)
      The rise of online gambling has drawn attention towards offshore gambling. Currently there is lack of evidence on reasons and motivations to gamble on offshore gambling sites. This study investigated the general gambling ...
    • Gambling-related harms for affected others : A finnish population-based survey 

      Castrén, Sari; Lind, Kalle; Hagfors, Heli; Salonen, Anne H. (09 / 2021)
      Aims This study explores the prevalence of being a past-year affected other (AO) of a problem gambler by gender. The aims were to study the amount and type of gambling-related harms (GRHs) for subgroups of AOs and to ...
    • Game Character 

      Blom, Johanna (Joleen); Grabarczyk, Paweł (the ERC-Advanced-Grant project MSG - Making Sense of Games, 21.04.2022)
    • Game Culture Studies and the Politics of Scholarship : The Opposites and the Dialectic 

      Mäyrä, Frans (2020)
      This article explores the early history (and even some prehistory) of game studies from a perspective that is informed by an analysis of claimed opposition between “objective” and “politically committed” research. There ...
    • Game Definitions 

      Stenros, Jaakko; Grabarczyk, Pawel (the ERC-Advanced-Grant project MSG - Making Sense of Games, 2022)
      Scholars and designers have defined the concept of 'game' in different ways over the decades. Are games an activity or an artifact, a form of art or a series of interesting choices, a mess or socio-material stabilizations? ...
    • Game elements enhance engagement and mitigate attrition in online learning tasks 

      Huber, Stefan E.; Cortez, Rodolpho; Kiili, Kristian; Lindstedt, Antero; Ninaus, Manuel (12 / 2023)
      A growing body of literature suggests that adding game elements to learning tasks indirectly influences the learning process by increasing engagement with the tasks. The present study aims to advance learning engagement ...
    • Game jams in general formal education 

      Aurava, Riikka; Meriläinen, Mikko; Kankainen, Ville; Stenros, Jaakko (2021)
      This article summarizes three years of studying game jams. Rooted in extensive field work — participating, organising, studying and discussing game jams — and multiple methods, we have explored different digital and ...
    • Game postmortems vs. developer Reddit AMAs: Computational analysis of developer communication 

      Lu, Chien; Peltonen, Jaakko; Nummenmaa, Timo; Khosmood, Foaad; Pirker, Johanna; Apperley, Thomas; Deterding, Sebastian (ACM, 2019)
      Postmortems and Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads represent communications of game developers through two different channels about their game development experiences, culture, processes, and practices. We carry out a ...
    • Game Studies 

      Mäyrä, Frans; Grabarczyk, Paweł (the ERC-Advanced-Grant project MSG - Making Sense of Games, 2022)
      'Game Studies' is generally used to signify a humanities-based orientation to the study of games, play and related phenomena. This involves the development of conceptual, theoretical and methodological approaches that ...
    • A game-based approach to promoting adaptive rational number knowledge 

      McMullen, Jake; Koskinen, Antti; Kärki, Tomi; Lindstedt, Antero; Määttä, Saku; Halme, Hilma; Lehtinen, Erno; Hannula-Sormunen, Minna M.; Kiili, Kristian (20.02.2023)
      Adaptive expertise is a highly sought after, but difficult to achieve, outcome of mathematics education. Many teaching methods appear to support the development of adaptive expertise only in a small proportion of students. ...