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    • Modification of the loops in the ligand-binding site turns avidin into a steroid-binding protein 

      Riihimäki, Tiina A; Hiltunen, Soili; Rangl, Martina; Nordlund, Henri R; Määttä, Juha A E; Ebner, Andreas; Hinterdorfer, Peter; Kulomaa, Markku S; Takkinen, Kristiina; Hytönen, Vesa P (2011)
      Background Engineered proteins, with non-immunoglobulin scaffolds, have become an important alternative to antibodies in many biotechnical and therapeutic applications. When compared to antibodies, tailored proteins may ...
    • pH-dependent deformations of the energy landscape of avidin-like proteins investigated by single molecule force spectroscopy 

      Köhler, Melanie; Karner, Andreas; Leitner, Michael; Hytönen, Vesa P; Kulomaa, Markku; Hinterdorfer, Peter; Ebner, Andreas (2014)
      Avidin and avidin-like proteins are widely used in numerous techniques since the avidin-biotin interaction is known to be very robust and reliable. Within this study, we investigated this bond at the molecular level under ...
    • Regenerative biosensor chips based on switchable mutants of avidin—A systematic study 

      Zauner, Dominik; Taskinen, Barbara; Eichinger, Daniel; Flattinger, Clemens; Ruttman, Bianca; Knoglinger, Claudia; Traxler, Lukas; Ebner, Andreas; Gruber, Hermann J; Hytönen, Vesa P (2016)
      Biotinylated bait molecules can be immobilized on biotinylated sensor chips by formation of biotin–avidin–biotin bridges which are very stable when using wild-type (strept)avidin. Stable immobilization of biotinylated baits ...